Friday, January 21, 2005

Air travel is LESS secure since 9/11

I'm not some alarmist wacko - even Bruce Schneier agrees. Best to read this MIT paper for yourself though - it's worth it. But if you've just gotta have a summary, here it is: organized terrorist organizations only have to send their brain-washed drones through security a couple times BEFORE the terror event. Those who don't get stopped will be unlikely to be stopped in the future (when event-time rolls around).

In other air travel news, here is a discussion on /. about a Canadian who, either way you look at it, was lied to by AA when he was about to fly from the UK to the US. UPDATED: here is the latest on the saga.

And are we REALLY more safe with actions like this? So much for free exchange of ideas and, well, freedom in general.

Bruce has written on this and related topics many times. Including:


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