Thursday, December 29, 2005

How to choose a DVD writer

/. has a pointer to a good review of DVD hardware, where they actually attempt to analyze the quality data written. It seems like it might be worth using a good writer if you want your data to last more than a few years, or be readable on a different brand drive. For those that don't know, bit-setting is of interest to you.

I ended up buying a LITE ON (or is it LITEON) SHM-165H6S with Lightscribe.

Update: I guess I need a second DVD drive, now a few years later. Asus rebrands Pioneer, and they seem to have a corner on the low-noise / low-cost / good quality. DRW-1814BL gets good reviews.

Next up is a blu-ray drive - either reader or maybe reader/writer. Reviews at CDRinfo.


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