Thursday, May 29, 2008

C++ required for base Myth dev

True, much of the mythweb related stuff doesn't require C++, but it's still full of OO items.

If I want to start submitting feature patches to myth, I'll need to be a little more up to speed on stuff.

cuymedia has the C++ program classes in handy web format.

My first project might involve creating a new/second dontrec flag to fake out the scheduler. Are rec_override and rectype_dontrec related?

Quote worth saving related to C++ strings:
As a reference, I'd like to
mention Matthew Wilson's chapter on efficient string concatenation in his
book "Imperfect C++". He uses expression templates (that's the technique I
just described) and gets impressive results.

With that said, your point is valid. 90% of C++ programmers will use string
classes that are very inefficient for concatenation, starting with
std::string which I hate for that reason (and many other reasons, e.g. you
have to
resort to Boost for mundane things like trimming)
by: Steven Burns[royalstream at microsoft's hot mail]


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