Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wireless stuff

I wonder if it would be worth-it to buy an RFID reader to verify that Chase didn't do anything silly in their implementation of their "blink" credit card. You know, something like putting even an encrypted copy of a social security number, birth date, or mothers maiden name on the card. Speaking of silly implementations of RFID, Wired has an article.

Speaking of verifing things - if you are paranoid about surveillance bugs, it looks like you can buy something from TSCM to let you know if you get too close to one. Or you can buy a scanner and put a specific sequence into it.

On the topic of wireless interference, microwaves severely impact the 2.4GHz spectrum: Channel 6 (4-8) is absolutely murdered, half of channel 11 (9-13) is murdered, and the edge of channel 1 is severely degraded. 5GHz is much, much cleaner - at least until some brilliant microwave vendor invents a unit that operates at that frequency.

Someday when I move out to the country, I may need to find a way to get better Internet access than what is typically available in the area. Solutions abound.


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