Monday, July 09, 2007

The Internets

Speed testing:
  • Miranda arl speed test
  • same as web100 NDT at Stanford which lists several other speed test sites
  • A huge list is here.
  • Simple, but effective:
  • Speakeasy is just rebranded Speedtest
  • Note that it might be affected by window size - maybe try tuning window scaling (RFC 1323).
Cable modem info... worth knowing before calling the cable company about poor bandwidth:
  • DocsDiag - cable modem diagnostics - can grab current config (like speed ratings)
Domain hosting, in somewhat of a priority order:
  • Dotster
  • namecheap (reseller for ENOM, not a registrar?) Find discount code. Excellent reviews.
  • GoDaddy supposedly has excellent customer service, at least compared to:
  • 1and1 (fast cheap and reliable, but lots of reports of poor customer service)
  • yahoo
  • 777
  • / - use discount/coupon code ""
Also, .info domains are dirt cheap.

My current (RCA /Thomson DCM310) cable modem responds like all good modems should, to Example while connected:

Forward Path: Return Path:
Signal Acquired at 615.000 MHz Connection: Acquired
SNR: 34.0 dB Frequency: 36.0 MHz
Received Signal Strength: -13.4 dBmV Power Level: 50.5 dBmV
Micro-Reflections: 37 dBc Channel ID: 3
Modulation: 256 QAM Modulation: 16 QAM

Update: What if I need to get around a firewall that my cable company puts up? Wired has an article that is worth reading on that topic.


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