Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm getting the urge to do a theme. I have a decent awareness of usability issues, and there sure are a lot of usability issues with the current MythTV themes. With 0.22 being released (and 0.23 being promised soon after), it might be worth starting now.

I like the indicators of this one. With animated menus, it could look like paper folding and unfolding, left and right, and for a different level of menu, unfolding up and down. I'm thinking that every other menu should scroll the opposite way... if I press down, I should keep pressing down until I get to the option I want... then press right, and keep pressing right until I get to the option I want, then down, etc.

An XML editor for the mythtvtheme sure would be nice for this... wonder what that would take?!
An XML theme editor, perhaps (which says "create the .pro, .conf, .xml and image files that define the theme")?

Font resources:
* One of the fonts that is supported by the Web Open Font Format (Mozilla is adding support for this)


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