Monday, September 21, 2009

Twitter / Facebook use(full/less)ness

Some interesting quotes worth saving:

"In Philadelphia I watched many attendees using Twitter as if it was crack. Can't chat with you and look at you because I may miss that Joe just took a piss and Betty just ran out of mascara. Twitter won't succeed if this route continues." - Allen Stern

Facebook is actually less useful than a number of other apps - it just somehow obtained critical mass (probably by focusing on high school and college people), and provides an API for third-party games ... and who doesn't like games, especially ones that allow you to show off to your friends and family how well you are doing. Mixx, StumbleUpon, or even Twitter might be better because there is no way to see what people are writing about without getting approval to be their friend. "follow" does seem like a more accurate term.


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