Friday, March 17, 2006

wiki's are worth it

There are so many wiki's, with so many features, it's tough to pick on. But I think I finally did: PmWiki. I know, it comes as a surprise, considering it is one of the most popular one - but that was only the second reason I chose it. The first was that it's design guidelines seem to match with my own: keep it simple, stupid.

Oh, and since it uses php, it'd be worth it to read a book about php.

It sure seems like it would be worth my time, and maybe others, to document what steps are required to pain through getting a wiki up, especially since there do not seem to be any comprehensive instructions. Much of the setup is obvious, but there are a few non-obvious steps (at least for me):
  • Don't forget to COMMENT OUT the Listen binding so that Apache will listen to all ports
  • If you want to move a wiki, edit LocalSettings.php and change the $IP environment variable
  • To enable the mail server, edit the php.ini file in the apache directory. SMTP entries in the hundreds of php.ini don't do anything
Interesting combination of wiki's and Microsoft Sharepoint is here.


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