Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Aiports: to wait, or not

If you are waiting at an aiport for a layover, would it be worth a few extra dollars at the airport if you could you enjoy:
  • a shower after a gym workout (at the airport)?
  • watching a movie in a theater with a fireplace?
  • indoor (or outdoor?!) play ground for the kids
  • Or maybe just rent a DVD from a stand?
  • rocking chairs
  • live music
  • wire bars
  • booties for walking through metal detectors
  • or shoehorns when you go to put your shoes back on
  • a place to change your clothes
  • or simply more hooks and space in a stall in the bathroom
  • microwave oven
  • dry cleaners where you can drop off and pick up your clothes (inside or outside the security area though?)
  • manicure shop
  • cigar bars or smoking lounges
  • and of course, free wireless internet
for more ideas, see


would you rather not wait at the airport, and take a $700-$1000 air-taxi that carries only half a dozen (or fewer?) people? According to the personal journal section of the WSJ on 28 Mar 2006, NASA says that airports like Las Vegas, Dallas Love, Chicago Midway, and many others will be swamped with 350-400 flights a day of very light jets (VLJs) made by Eclipse Aviation Corp, Adam Aircraft Inc, and Cessna Aircraft flown by carriers like DayJet Corp, Pogo Jet Inc, and Linear Air. Using Pratt & Whitney engines on at least some of their planes, Eclipse already has orders for more than 2300 jets. Airports may raise fees on small jets to encourage them to land elsewhere, but how much would it have to rise?


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