Thursday, July 13, 2006


The following is from aikiweb, and seems to be worth saving on the topic of Go:

For internet play IGS is among the best::

Or you could get something like GoWrite2, and just play a good friend by emailing the board back and forth. It works great. ::

As to AI computer-play software someone wrote that they were fond of his old "Cosmos" Go program ca. 1996: low end on graphics but very good for play. The same data engine is in the present day "Many Faces of Go", which is probably the best AI Go program out there.

See here::

For a list of some available Go software with some reviews::
And for others:

Old, supposedly fairly strong one: Many faces of go and a free version of it.
Go Mobile is only $15.
Yeah... there is GNU GO!
Others of interest: here and here which serves .jar's directly to the phone for places like this.

There is also

Computer-go (research) mailing list:
The strongest Monte Carlo based program is currently MoGo by Sylvain Gelly et al. which you can find more information about at


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