Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mozilla Firefox

I'm surprised I don't have an entry about Mozilla and/or Firefox. Of course, I'm thinking it is about time to re-try Opera - I've been hearing good things about the latest version.

Mozilla has a new concept called Microsummaries. They are cool, but I want something cooler. I want the button to auto-update without me having to click on it. Hrmm... that statement may not make sense to anyone else but me. Maybe I'll expand on it later.

Seems like they finally got serious about supporting corporate environments... so you can do file: with after installing an extension. Other extensions I use: Gestures (alternate between all-in-one and optimoz... optimoz has gesture exchange), and download manager tweak (which I use ALOT - I'm really surprised that its basic functionality hasn't been integrated into the browser). Others of interest: (VideoDownloader or Media Pirate or UnPlug or Amazing Media Browser or Ook or FVD [fast video download] or Google video downloader). Fasterfox is also tempting to install and try out.

Something I should make more use of is Greasemonkey.

I also use small icons, push my URL and search bar up next to the menu items to gain some vertical space, and drag the redundent throbber off (since each tab already has one). I set a few other things through Tools -> Options...

Lastly, about.config customizations that I like to make it cleaner and faster.
  • browser.tabs.closeButtons = 0
  • browser.urlbar.richResults => false
  • toolkit.scrollbox.smoothScroll => false
  • browser.tabs.tabMinWidth = 70
Optional to speed up cacheing from /. (along with a discussion about it):
  • browser.cache.disk.parent_directory with a string value of /dev/shm (automatic ram disk?)

-or the manual way:
  • mount -t tmpfs -o 'size=100M' tmpfs /path/to/chosen/mountpoint
  • browser.cache.disk.parent_directory with a string value of /path/to/chosen/mountpoint


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