Friday, September 15, 2006

Attic stuff

Getting more ceiling and duct insulation is definitely worth it! Save money in the long run, especially if you do the work yourself.

Masterflow INSLV8 R6 duct insulation: $4.69

Frostking also makes some.

The attic door needs a cover something fierce... I'm wondering how long it takes to pay off a $140 door cover like this, or a $200 one like this! Ah... this is better. Or you can pay $30 for a piece of cardboard.

Also, how much attic ventilation you need. Update: Or here. Or here (which says one square foot per 150 or 300 sq. feet of attic space [dependent on the lack or presence of a vapor barrier])

Speaking of upstairs optics, a google search on "Perforated radiant barrier humidity" produces interesting results.

Also, some less "opinionated" (i.e., not written by someone trying to sell you something) comments on them might be worth reading:


The last part of this page has links to tables so you can estimate if it is worthwhile:



Guess what else goes up in the attic? Air filters, at least for me. Currently I have a MicroPower Guard Electronic Polarized Media Air cleaner with carbon. Mouth full. Amana & Goodman (for whatever it is worth) seems to endorse them (A1EAC and G1EAC Charged-Media Electronic Air Cleaner which uses media pads with carbon-graphite center charging screen). So where to buy replacements filter/media? GA1Media-2025 is what I need.

  • Media for this might be related
Of course, the hvac-talk guru's say to stay away from EAC's when you get to 4-ton (or is that 4-tonnes?) and above. Here is another thread. Maybe I need a way to monitor the (static?) pressure drop. Hmm... I think I'll ask. duct Velocity calculator.

And then there is the possiblity that my ducts are leaking. What do they have to say about that? Related thread.


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