Thursday, March 01, 2007

Alternative investments

Before I get started... wikinvest seems kinda neat. Google search also.

China seems to be getting pretty risky despite this or this.

Other good links for ratio guidelines can be found here (Interest Carry Ratio = Net operating incoming / Loan Amt.... 13% great; debt service ratio = Net Operating Incoming / Debt Service... typical requirement in the 1.1 to 1.25 minimum. 1.52 would likely rate a "good investment"; default (break even) ratio = operating expenses + debt service / gross income... a .83 means 17% return on investment; capitalization rate (CAP rate)

  • "Tactical-allocation fund managers favor stocks over bonds"
  • "how to invest in wind farm" (including this)
  • "investment trust wind farm"
  • "invest rv OR motorhome OR "motor home" storage"
  • Off-shore funds
Investment companies or links:
Or do I just stay with just ever-so-slightly non-traditional stuff:
Is there a market inefficiency in the NAV vs. market pricing of closed-end or ETF's? If the YTD, 1-year, or 3-year NAV indicates that the fund is doing well, market pricing should eventually follow. For example, sorting YTD so that the largest loss is listed first, you find plenty of funds with market returns considerably larger than the NAV return. Theory would hold that you buy these and wait for market return to re-converge. This assume the fund doesn't always track with that amount of offset between market and NAV returns. Of course, ETF's may not be "better" in general. Same thing here.

And then there is Wind farm operating companies? (or equipment NEG Micon, Vestas, and Nordex) Search and Search. Operating companies: Canada companies and US companies. General news and company lists and investment site. What about partnerships like Creststreet? Or trusts. Although I guess I'm not ready for an income trust. Never heard of this before. Some way to invest in ESS?

"If you really want wind in your portfolio, you need to go overseas," said Ms. Real de Azua.

Portfolio 21 (PORTX), an SRI mutual fund managed by Portland, Oregon-based Progressive Investment Management, does just that.

"Our approach to the volatility and risk associated with such an immature industry is to identify one or two companies in the sector that we really want to bet on because we feel they are positioned well to be survivors as the industry matures," Progressive Investment Management Chair Carsten Henningsen told

"In wind, it's going to be Vestas (VWSYF.PK) and NEG Micon (NEGMF.PK)," said Mr. Henningsen.

Vestas, the world's largest wind turbine manufacturer, and NEG Micon are both based in Denmark, as is Bonus (BONU.CO).

The German wind market is by far the largest in the world and includes Enercon (ENDC.PK) and Nordex (NRDXF.PK).

Inconsistent wind-energy incentives in the U.S. have made it a challenge for foreign and domestic companies to operate in this country. However, Gamesa (GAM.MC) is expanding beyond its home market in Spain and entering the U.S. market.

Perhaps find a company that took advantage of the U.S. government established wind energy production tax credit (PTC).

Wind farm info:
  • Aggregated news site with seemingly positive and negative slants (one problem with wind: during summer, the wind typically slows down considerably)
Google for competitor OR competition to these companies?
london stock wind power OR generation OR farm
invest in wind

Hedge funds, or funds of funds of hedge funds:
Random investment sites
There's also merger, acquisition, and arbitrage:


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