Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Savings: absolutely worth it!

Neat blog post about energy savings.
And for the machine I'm about to build: how about a high efficiency power supply? /.
Also need to investigate power savings in the form of ACPI for Linux.

"Deal sites":
  • digg discussion
  • moneysavingexpert (mostly UK stuff?)
  • xpBargain seems ok, but almost lists too much stuff. Same with techbargins
  • dealnews has decent categories
  • I like Spoofee's listings better, although maybe it lists too little. Need a happy medium
  • and of course, the kings, Fat wallet and Slick Deals (which has a better interface than FW)
General shopping sites I've found good deals at:
  • Typical: newegg/chiefValue,, tigerdirect, macmall
  • Smaller: 6thAve, J&R, Butterfly, Vann's, Crutchfield (during sales), Abt,,, (although beware of shipping delays that cause you to be ineligible for mail-in rebates), "Monitor outlet"
  • Hit or Miss: Abes
  • Beware: zoommania (lists things they don't have, and may not sell items unless you buy overpriced accessory packages) and Regal camera

And then we have savings as in money savings:
but be sure to check out the banks before you send them your money!
Speaking of saving money... Beware the planners.


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