Thursday, June 19, 2008

Securing financial data

Home users have a few choices for good security for their financial data (on the assumption that their computer or data will eventually fall into the hands of a thief). One solution is to do the same types of things suggested by this thread in /., even if it is written for something else. Then there is Linux encrypted filesystems, including eCryptFS. Of course, I'll probably want to upgrade first because there have been some decent changes in the year since I installed 8.04. Someday I'll have some time to get that set up.

Printers and ink

Inkjets are a pain. You want handy color printing sometimes, but most of the time you only need black and white. Color laser printers are still relatively expensive (but apparently dropping quickly in price), but so is the ink for an inkjet - and that ignores the relatively short time period that the printer works before the heads get clogged up, and how long ink lasts. Several stories on /. about stuff related to this. Color picture prints at local stores has dropped to the point that inkjets may not be worth-it any more. Several stories on /.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Oh, there are so many choices. Threads of choices, in fact.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mail over the interwebs

Coldtobi has a list of the free web-accessible email clients. Horde seems like a good choice, in which case, some performance hints might come in handy.

Others to check out: Kerio MailServer.
I haven't yet tired to figure out where that fits into this:
RoundCube = Squirrelmail = Horde != Zimbra = Bongo (old:Hula Project) = OpenExchange = Exchange