Saturday, January 22, 2005

Studies in Intelligence

This and other articles on the CIA's website look like they'd be worth it to read to gain insight into interrogation and other aspects of combatting terrorism.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Ruby on Rails

/. Looks like it would be worth it to learn the object-oriented programming language Ruby, so that maybe I could easily develop web applications on Rails.

/. Looks this discussion comes up pretty regularly. Erlang gets another big vote.

Air travel is LESS secure since 9/11

I'm not some alarmist wacko - even Bruce Schneier agrees. Best to read this MIT paper for yourself though - it's worth it. But if you've just gotta have a summary, here it is: organized terrorist organizations only have to send their brain-washed drones through security a couple times BEFORE the terror event. Those who don't get stopped will be unlikely to be stopped in the future (when event-time rolls around).

In other air travel news, here is a discussion on /. about a Canadian who, either way you look at it, was lied to by AA when he was about to fly from the UK to the US. UPDATED: here is the latest on the saga.

And are we REALLY more safe with actions like this? So much for free exchange of ideas and, well, freedom in general.

Bruce has written on this and related topics many times. Including:

Cell Architecture Explained

I've barely had time to skim through parts of this, but it looks like it would be worth it, so that's what I'll do this weekend. Here's a preview:

Cell Architecture Explained by Nicholas Blachford

Designed for the PlayStation 3, Sony, Toshiba and IBM's new "Cell processor" promises seemingly obscene computing capabilities for what will rapidly become a very low price. In these articles I look at what the Cell architecture is, then I go on to look at the profound implications this new chip has, not for the games market, but for the entire computer industry. Has the PC finally met it's match?
The first machine on the market with a Cell processor will steal the performance crown from the PC, probably permanently, but PCs have seen much bigger and better competition in the past and have pushed it aside every time. In part 4 I explain why the PC has always won and why the Cell may have the capacity to finally defeat it.

/. discussion here

How to live your life

Although this article by Paul Graham was written with high school students in mind, I think the points are valid for all ages. I know it's rather long, but I think it is worth it.

I also think that I managed to somehow luckly (and unknowningly at the time) follow many of his suggestions while I was in high school. Maybe part of it was just Mom and Dad encouraging us to do whatever we found interesting.

Paul has many other very interesting articles here:

Rediscovered via /.

Why it's worth it

This is a place to collect a number of ideas (and links about them) that I find interesting. It will replace the rather hodgepodge collection of bookmarks, emailed links I send to myself, notes in files stored on various hard-drives, and sites that I sometimes don't remember to visit (and more often than not, rediscover after forgetting about them for six months).

I have no illusions that anyone but me will find this site of value. In other words, this isn't a real blog (you know, the kind filled with Narcissistic self-important attitudes described by Tony Long).