Tuesday, May 29, 2007

MPx220 cell phone

Like many people, I've found the MPx220 cell phone to be worth using. The only downsides: you really have to leave the Profile set for Outdoor so that you can reach a high enough volume to be usable anywhere except the quietest of rooms, and the screen sometimes takes a very long time to update when a reminder goes off. Oh, and my volume "up" button appears to be very slowly dieing.

A very good info page is here. Jar's can be served directly to the phone here. Exe generator that can hand .CAB's to the mobile phone is here.

Sync'ing with Outlook continues to work well for me... I'm using ActiveSync 3.8.0 on WinXP. Multisync interests me too. Maybe someday.

The wife unit would like to be able to play mp3's with it... so I need to figure that part out. Storage is added by way of the mini-SD slot, and playback program choices appear to be many:
  • ASF and WMA support: TCPMP and Winvibe
  • Great music lists: TCPMP and GSPlayer
  • Low power: 40th Floor's iPlay (11% CPU usage), TCPMP and Resco Audio Recorder
  • Avoid these: TodayPlayer and the otherwise absolutely bad WinamPAQ.
There may be a hack for recognizing the SD card all the time. TCPMP is well liked and source is available. Other forums on this topic exist.

Automatic bluetooth activesync is mentioned here. Headset comparison is here. This guy claims that the Plantronics 510 is the best at supporting connectivity features via profiles. Jabra JX-10 gets good reviews. samsung wep410 works good, but doesn't retain itself well. So so: BT-150. Mixed reviews: BT350 - some love it, some do not. Some complain of lots of background noise, others do not. Comprehensive list, sorted approximately by rating, at Cnet. Other good ones: HBH-300 (bulky over-the-ear portion that may not be compatible with sunglasses), Voyager 510 (slightly less bulky, but still not great looking), BH-900 (what about comfort?), Jawbone. There are a number of forums with unofficial reviews as well: howard has several.

Here are some of the software spec's on the MPx220:

Windows Moible 2003 Second Edition
Version 4.21.1008 (Build 15101.1.3.2)
Processor: ARMv4 OMAP1611
ROM update versions...
Operator: 0.480.1003.0
Manufacturer: 1.430.0.0
Microsoft: 4.21.15101.0
File system: 4.21.15101.0
Java info:
JSRs: 120, 135, 185
Heapsize 1939KB
Phone: 25 MB free

A semi-comprehensive list of Smart phones appears to be here. And my favorite site is still alive after a huge number of years: phone scoop! It appears to say that there are few phones newer or better than the MPx220 (which is now going on almost 3 years old?) ... The MPx and the HTC Star Trek / Cingular 3125 / Smartlfip 8500 is all there is? Wow.

Good review sites are here, here and here. And then there's a site for "product review search."

Friday, May 18, 2007

Random humor


Stuff worth saving for the appropriate time:
  • response to awesome joke: Can I subscribe to your newsletter?
  • Variation to crazy ideas: Your ideas intrigue me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter
  • to a stupid statement: hold on while I find a Burger King application for you...
  • What is your major malfunction? (or replace your with their, for a third party)
  • i'm going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet
  • Wow - so YOU are the one responsible for http://www.timecube.com/
  • Pranks
  • Daily WTF

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